Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fine Lingerie Comes In Boxes, Fine PSOs Come In Binders?

OK, so the Mitt Romney "binders full of women" thing has definitely passed, but we continue to get our kicks here. Consider clicking on in here to look at posts like flipping through pages in phone sex directory book -- until you find the one you want to call, anyway. ;)

Today, we're talking about the lovely lingerie-clad ladies. You know, those dames that make you feel alive and glad to be a man!

There's the ever-alluring lingerie stocking girl Caitlin, the glamorous Secondhand Rose, the famous A Slip Of A Girl, the bratty cruel tease of Angel, the switchy Klaudia, and the tender-hearted (and tender-skinned!) submissive Pinkie -- each a phone sex delight in lingerie tease and torment!

(However, should you be so inclined as to recline in lovely lingerie yourself, these girls are ready to play dress-up with you too!)

Once you lingerie lovers, once you discover the charms of a Peck & Call Girl, you may never look another phone sex directory again! Unless, of course, your dream phone date is busy. (Isn't that just too sad to think about?!) But usually, when one beauty is busy, there's another Peck & Call Girl ready to be at your beck & call. Just start here to schedule your lingerie phone sex date!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gap-Free Binders

"As a woman, I was disappointed that the 'gap-free' claim was in reference to the rings in the binder, not to gender equity in wages. But the trade-off is that the binder did let me leave work in time to go home and cook dinner." Monica Miller